The concept is to provide the market with a 100% positive reading experience with interesting content and high end advertisers attracting more business and customers to you. As an advertiser you will always be in a positive editorial environment that will boost your business and brand. Welcome to a whole new experience with us at Go! Magazine Group.

Quality of Go! Dubai

As an advertiser you would only be interested in being associated with the highest quality when it comes to printing and layout. Go! Magazine Group only uses the best printing houses and the highest paper quality available to ensure that the magazine attracts the right high end clientele. Thick paper and a UV-coated front and back makes sure that the magazine looks fantastic and withstands the handling of a lot of readers which adds value to you as an advertiser.

The competitive edge

Both regular ads and “Our favourite…” are cost effective ways to reach out to both visitors and natives that are looking for your specific business. “Our favourite…” are very popular and provides a short presentation of your unique business helping your potential customers to choose where to go for their next experience. And to get the most out of your marketing investment we strongly suggest to use both regular ads and “Our favourite” to maximize your brand visability and attract customers.

Content of Go! Dubai

The content of Go! Dubai is focusing on only positive experiences like dining, shopping, where to go, what to experience, active lifestyle, health, interviews, culture, arts, music, heritage and so on. The content is written in a positive and exciting way to attract interest from both visitors and natives of Dubai/UAE.

Media representation


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GO! Magazines are distributed for free to 200+ hotels and other visitor hubs on the destination.


Premiere issue is November/December 2017, and then bi-monthly.


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